Day 25 – First day of competition

Alex’s first competition flight was scheduled for 1:57 pm.
Directly before the flight it takes a sound check – the maximum limit is 94 dbA + tolerance of the meter.
You don’t know if it was passed, just fly.
Afterwards you will be asked for another sound check. For this you have to go with all equipment into an extra tent. There, the battery which were used during the flight shall recharges.
Then the voltage is measured again. And then is made a new sound check.
We were quite surprised that Beryll should be above the maximum value – since we have tested so many times before.
However, we have also found out that the first measurement not really was ok since the microphone was not 90 degrees to the propeller, but obliquely to the wind. This may mean much.
At the recheck we watched that the modell will be positioned in wind direction and the meter actually 90 degrees to the propeller. And then – 92 dbA! So the points Alex has flown are telling – 403.

In the actual list Alex is on the 35th place. However, this does not say so very much. Since each pilot has flown only on one site and for one judge panel. There are 3 more rounds the next days.

In the evening, Alex made a small engine service and greased the gears. He noted that the ball bearings in the engine are destroyed. No wonder then that the motor is more louder than usual.
Now we hope that we can possibly borrow a replacement engine from someone else until we get the info’s about the ball bearing type, and can possibly get some new and can replace them.
Otherwise we have no other choice than to fly with the damaged ball bearings – and hope that it goes well.

Actual results can be found directly on the website of the organizer.
Here from today:

Henning had no luck. Before he could take off for its first flight, the controller failed and the model catched fire. Too heavy damage that it could be fixed in short time. That is very unfortunate. Henning has been looking forward the World Championship. And now it’s ended so abruptly … 😦

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