Day 5 – Jämijärvi – Root treatment between Preliminary Round 2 and 3

Alex slept bad and was awake some hours – TOOTH-ACHE!!

Also in the morning he struggled with the tooth-aches. Until lunch he tried to handle with some cold mineral water, but did not managed that.

Maybe that results in the performance of his flights.

I don’t want to talk about the judges results in detail. Those of you who are interested can see on the different resultlists.

With 4 judges – with a scoring-difference about 5 and 6 points on one single figure – we challenge the competence of judging… And that was the case not only with Alex.

Also that a judge scores two of the own lands pilots on place 2 and 3 while those pilots in total only are on place 8 and 9 – is not a sign for objectivity of some judges.


After the Round 2 the tooth-aches were so strong and despite of some tablets very heavy. So we decided to go to a dentist. Antti (a finish pilot) was so nice and asked for a dentist with adress and telefon number. After some calls I reached an english speaking dentist who said that we should come, they will wait for us.

20 minutes later we reached the dentist in Kankaanpää – they waited and came with the schemes to fill out and tok us to the doctor’s office. The dentist made some checkup and x-ray. The thing was clear: The root of the backmost tooth is angry!

Thus drilling and root treatment!

Half an hour later all was done. The dentist made the bill and wrote something for the homedentist. So followed a foto as souvenir and we left with warm and sincerly thanks to come back to the airfield for the 3. round.

Still with the anethesia Alex was flown the 3. round but declined that day from place 2 to place 4.

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