The first day of training in South Africa

The sun is shining and is warm. But the wind is quite strong and cool. We have 17 degrees, sun and about 6 m/s wind.

We have choosen today the airfield which is not so far away from the hotel. Already yesterday we’ve been her and met the club manager who gave us the code for the port. On this site you can fly different directions if needed and it serves toilettes (which is luxus for modellairfields…).

Ola who arrived yesterday came without his bagage. But he could fly anyway, since he had his model box and all the equipment needed. Also Arnsteins model arrived without any issues. So all is ready for training.

The 3 Norwegian pilots train together with Lassi Nurila from Finland and the Columbian Pilots.

A window was set up with Norwegian flaggs from Ola. The batteries are loaded at the car. So we could fly until the “head” don’t want anymore, or until it becames dark (and that is already at 6 pm…).

This evening also our friends from Austria arriving. We are looking forward to that.

Here some pictures from today:

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