Arrived at the Norwegian Championship

750 km with the first trip yesterday – to Oppdal. A schocking situation we had right before Oppdal, where a moose stod in the middle of the way. As he heard the brakes from Alex he left the way. So we could avoid a kollision with him which would not have been funny…
Today again 500 km from Oppdal to Tønsberg. Here will take place the Norwegian Championship this weekend.

Tomorrow there is a day for training. On Friday the Nationals starts at 9 am with an Opening Ceremony. And so we will have several round in the classes Sport, Nordic and F3A.

For Alex it means 2 preliminary rounds on Friday, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. And so 2 final rounds on Sunday. In the late Sunday-afternoon the Nationals will end with the Closing Ceremony were the winners will get their medals.
From this year also Alex could get a medall if he flies good enough. 🙂
That was not possible until now since he isn’t a Norwegian citizen and the last years he didn’t lived here 3 years yet. That was the problem last year – he won the competition but could not be the Norwegian Champion. We will see how it works this year. The competitors are very strong! We can be happy with any of the first 3 places! 🙂

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