Preliminaries – day 1

Hmmm, what shall we say about this bad luck on …?
Two model airplanes got a switch off at the same time on two different flightlines. That can not be a coincidence!
The same happened to the pilot after Alex and the last one (2 later) also.
It was raining and about us a proper thunderstorm cell that gradually erupted in flashes until later …
But the rain was definitely not the problem. The plane including the motor and regulator inside was completely dry.
The airplane has no harm – but this round is gone (to hell).
Well, we have still 3 rounds to go.
Keep your fingers crossed!

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1 Response to Preliminaries – day 1

  1. Ross & Noeline says:

    We have fingers AND toes crossed for 3 good flts. We are having a red wine for your encouragement 🙂 while we anxiously watch the results with interest. ‘Knock-em-dead’ Team Heindel x x x

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