Preliminaries – Day 3

Today the wind was somewhat gracious concerning the strength. However it came from the “wrong” direction: “cross”.

At this 3. competition day we had to fly fore the judges group that evaluates the “strictest”, as we could see in the days before. Let’s see what will happen this afternoon.

Ola and Arnstein had to fly in the morning. Afterwards we went for a training flight to Klip Henley – airfield (were actually on the World Cup should be held). There we met Lassi Nurila from Finland. He asked Alex to help him (wearing the model, read the program etc.), since he is “lonely wolve” at the World Championship. Together, they completed a training flight, to tune the announcements of the figures in the program.

Alex flew in the afternoon and got for a very good flight over 400 points from the judges. Also the support Lassis from Alex worked great.

Tomorrow is the last day of the preliminary round. Nothing can say already something about the results. First when all have flown for each judges group it’s possible to compare.

So keep fingers crossing!

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