Preliminiaries – Day 1

The weather was sunny but quite cold wind.

Accordingly to the starting numbers the first round of preliminaries were performed.
Since the number of participants will be divided into 4 groups, and each will fly in front of 4 different judge panels, this meant in practice that Ola started in the morning as no. 6, Arnstein in his group as the 16th and Alex was the very first in his group in the afternoon.

Since I as a team manager should be there for the pilots when they fly to secure their rights, Alex went in the morning alone for a short warm-up session to the training site. That was very neccessary – especially when a new engine was installed.

Alex was quite satisfied with his flight. And since he was the first ever in front of the judges panel 4, with the points (398.6) too.
Ola got in front of the first Judges panel 397.6 points and Arnstein in front of the second Judges panel 387.8 points. These are by no means to be compared. Only when all pilots have flown in front of all judges panels, it is then possible to compare results and create lists.
Everything else is pure speculation.

Flying for the guys tomorrow will be as following:

Alex in front of the 1. Judges Panel 11:25
Ola in front of the 4. Judges Panel 13:00
Arnstein in front of the 3. Judges Panel 14:40

Keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks to Noeline from New Zealand, who also took some fotos from both of us “in action”!

One special thing we observed at the competition site: a moveable ATM machine!

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