The Worldchampionship is opened!

Today we had to come up very early!
At 8 am the Norwegian Team had model processing and then official training.

In the model-processing, each participant has to take his own starting number.
Ola – 6
Arnstein – 36
Alex – 61

The processing went smoothly. The model documents have been collected, the models were weighed, measured, inspected and then got their label as a sign that everything is ok.

After processing we had the official training on flightline 1. Here each pilot can try out 1x how it is to fly at the competition site while already gone through the whole procedure with noise test, VoltCheck and timing.

After we were done with all that, we went back to our “secret” training ground. “Secret” is because the site is secured with a combination lock. However, this combination is likely to know for each of the pilots. But perhaps some rather just moves to another one than to ask.
We are very happy with this place – it has exactly the same orientation as the competition site, which makes training easier.

During the training the shock: Already during official training Alex had an stop at the engine and now again: the question arose: What is defect?
Also yesterday – but since Alex took a lot of extra manouvers we thought that this was possibly a very flat battery. But that was definitely not the case now. The demontated engine seems not to be broken. Perhaps the regulator? But nothing was expacting that. So – Alex went into the hotel, got spare engine, purely screwed, flown – and: it goes! …or flies!
All good!
Fortunateley this happened during training and not during the competition flights.

In the afternoon we went out again on the competition site for the Opening Ceremony. The invasion was (somewhat) alphabetical, but in reverse order and without antems. There were several school children there who wore the country signs of the teams. A gesture of love! It was followed by various speeches and the key sentence “I declare the World Championship as opened!”

After the opening the team managers meeting was held to clarify the important points in the procedure and the rules. Then there was an opening party at the hotel with cultural contribution of a South African girl group dancing and singing, some champagne and a huge buffet of savory and sweet snacks.
That was a good start!
And after a very long day, we are really k.o. and ws fallen into bed quickly….

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