The fourth day of training in South Africa

Today the same: sun and strong wind.

In the morning the training site was very full – the pilots from Venezuela, Spain, Austria, Colombia, Israel and Norway were there. So it was long waiting until the ones training flight.

But around lunch time it became empty. Little by little all teams must leave for the model-processing and official training at the competition site. Since about 1 pm, the Norwegian team was alone on the site. 🙂
Many flights (we’ve stopped to count) and constructive cooperation between the pilots.
By the way: Ola’s case is still not arrived yet…

The model-processing and official training will be for us tomorrow morning at 8 am on the competition site. That means to get up very early!

I’m still wondering about the follwing: According to the schedule in the official bulletin the team managers meeting should be tomorrow evening at the hotel. In the competition booklet it’s mentioned to be at 6:30 pm today on the competition site. Furthermore, there is no official announcement about that. In addition, some teams will not come before tomorrow to register before their processing and official training. For this the info would come too late. Upon request of the Austrian team in the competition manager was surprised over that there is such a schedule in the booklet. The team managers meeting will so probably be held tomorrow after the opening ceremony at the competition site. We’ll see…

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