The third day of training in South Africa

Today again: Sun. Almost windless in the morning.
But these conditions Alex and I could not use. First we wanted to have the registration of the team done as early as possible. So we went in the morning to the competition area – about 45 minutes driving time.
Once there – first I was  told that the registration should be only on Friday / Saturday. But we did not mean the model-processing and official training, but the registration of the pilots of the Norwegian team. It should be possible from today from 8 am.
Ok, we should wait about 20 minutes until the responsible person comes.
20 Minutes became 1.5 hours. Valuable time which we missed for Alex’ training. Annoying, but nothing to do with that. Alex had a small talk with a police officer in the meantime, they had some safety driving training there at the course.

Then I was able to register the team – I delivered the FAI licenses, also the declaration of the pilots that they noticed the anti-doping rules, the two Norwegian flags and the national anthem to be played at the opening ceremony.

The access cards for pilots and team managers were not finished, not even the cards for parking for the pilot vehicles. Our Banquet cards were not there yet. But we have received the welcome pack.
Each pilot received a small Depron plane, glue, caps, key chains and various promotional materials. The competition brochure contains photos and information on the organizers, about the pilots and team managers and also a summary of past winners and rankings.

After registration and driving to the training site Alex had the opportunity for 5 training flights. There where only few pilots at the site – only Team Austria Team Norway. However, the wind was quite strong again as the days before.

In spite of the time delay we had a successful training day and completed it with a good glass of red wine on the hotel terrace overlooking the beautiful garden.

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