100 km/h backwards!

For the way from Norway to South Africa we choosen an Emirates flight from Hamburg via Dubai to Johannesburg. So we started on Sunday evening from Tønsberg to Göteborg, took the ferry to Frederikshavn. Even if the ferry only takes about 3 hours, it is good to take a cabin. So you can sleep at least for a while. The cabin is quite good and costs only 250 SEK.
Once in Frederikshavn we proceed through Denmark and had a beautiful sunrise behind us. From the Island Romø we took the ferry to Sylt.

The we had a good breakfast. After we arrived List we were searching (and finding) 2 geocaches and so went to my daughter Anna-Marie who is working in a rehabilitation center there this summer. It was so amazing to see her again! Since we do not see us so often. First we had a “woman-talk” when Alex was sleeping for a while. Then we went to the strand and had a very nice walk in the sun. Beautyful!
Later we had a little tour through Sylt and had a good meal at the Café “Kupferkanne” in Kampen – first some hearty little meal and then a piece of their famous cakes. The pieces are so big – they are good for two. Later we looked inside the Café with the spectacular architecure through many corridors and angles of the “Kupferkanner” and then a nice dinner walk.
The Cafe “Kupferkanne” and Sylt at all are highly recommended. Who does not just want to go on holiday there (or can), if you have the opportunity on the way to or through Denmark you should make a trip there!
Afternoon we went to the Sylt-shuttle train. This runs from Westerland to Niebüll. We stood on the Car Train backward and the train went quite quickly. That was a strange feeling at 100 km / h backwards!
We arrived in Hamburg at Jeannette’s sister and brother in law, where we still have a day off until Wednesday when we fly south.

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