The first two days in competition

On Friday Alex has flown 2 rounds in F3A, on Saturday one round. After these 3 rounds he is on place 2.

Zwischenstand nach 3 Durchgängen

The weather on Friday was changing between very sunny and some cloudly. It was around 25 degrees and the wind came almost from the south (the flight line is south-north).
At the second flight Alex faced the sun. Despite the sunshield it is always difficult to fix correct radius aso.

Yesterday there was the 3. round in F3A. The weather was stormy. In the morning some heavy thunderstorms with much rain. Nevertheless all rounds in Sport, Nordic and F3A were done. Alex’ 3. round was much better than the 2.

For the moment he is on a good place 2.
Today he will give all. He has nothing to loose. 🙂 A fourth round is following and then 2 final rounds for the 5 best pilots.

Cross your fingers!

Some pictures from the competition:

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