Norwegian Championships 2013 – Finals

The weather was much more better today – sunny, but strong wind from south/ southwest.

First it was flown the last of the 4 preliminary rounds after the last rounds in the classes Nordic and Sport. Alex could keep the 2. place.

Also in the two final rounds he got the second place and became Norwegian Vize Champion after a challenging competition weekend and so he got a Norwegian medal for the first time.


After the competition the model was packed in the box and is ready now for transport to South Africa.

We now drive from Tønsberg (Norway) to Göteborg (Sweden) – with a beautyful rainbow on the way. In Göteborg we take the ferry to Frederikshavn (Denmark) und drive so further to Hamburg (Germany). On the way we also make a little trip to the Island Sylt, where Jeannette’s daughter work for this summer. Since we don’t see her so often we take each chance.
So, before we travel to the South on Wednesday, we also have a little trip to Sylt.

Here some pictures from today:

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