South Africa next – the preparations for the World Championship

Well it’s that time again – a new World Cup is coming!
This time it takes place in August (15th-25.08.) in South Africa – just south of Johannesburg.
Here is the link to the official page:

We make preparations for this are already since spring. A lot has to be organized – arrival and departure, hotel, transport model aircraft, rental car, etc., etc..
What will happen this year with the batteries – I’ve heard that the rules are more restricted now! I remember well the time-consuming research and correspondence with IATA 2 years ago …

But let me tell you step by step.
Hotel Booking
With the first Bulletin we got the schedule and recommendations for accommodation. Since we don’t want to drive or walk after dark through the area in the Johannesburg, we have decided in the team very quickly for the “HQ” where the official events will take place. There are certainly more favorable accomodation available, but we don’t want to take the chance! The hotel reservation was so fixed quite early (February). We will spend 2 weeks in Riverside Sun Resort in Vanderbiljpark.

Flight Booking
With the flights booking it’s not that simple!
Since we in Norway also have the Norwegian Championships beginning in early August (02.-04.08.), We had to think about what to do in the 1.5 weeks in between. Drive home once more, working two days and then go south again? 1200 km, one distance! This makes little sense. So we will go directly from the Norwegian Championship to South Africa. But how? I checked several airlines – with very different prices – but could not, however, guarantee the transport of the model box. This is a no-go!
From Markus we got the tip: Emirates!
Heard, checked, booked!
We now fly with Emirates from Hamburg via Dubai to Johannesburg. It costs around 600 euros round trip ticket per person, 30 kg baggage included! The baggage is not limited to a number of pieces, but to the sum of the weight. A piece of luggage must not be more than 2.99 m – but thats no problem with the F3A model! And with 60 kg baggage allowance remains for “a couple of panties” despite the modell box and other equipment… 😉 From Jarlsberg in Norway to Hamburg with a stop at my sister we will have enough time to get the flight 3 days later.
So also flight is organized! And the rest of the arrival and departure (ferry, etc.)  is clear and booked too… 🙂

That was a real challenge!
We have looked through various providers, which cars could be an option. VW T5 or similar were with more than 1,300 euros very expensive! Other vehicle categories, we can estimate poorly because some vehicles in South Africa are not on the European market. Or has anyone ever heard about a Toyota Avanza? Not to mix up with the Avensis … The Avanza is a 7-seater minivan. The loading length behind the driver is the most important thing when renting a car accomp. a modellbox. Suddenly you can not find anywhere such information. I had even logged on Toyota Avanza forum in the Philippines (or so) and asked if someone could measure the load length at all folded rows behind the driver. But, no answer. So we were as wise as before.
However, we have booked this vehicle – and now we hope that a 7-seater Toyota with two rows of seats in this font will have at least 1.90 m length for our Peridot …

Model box
Since we arrive South Africa already at 8th August, but the World Champs starts at 15th August, we still have some time. Even if the minivan will have enough space for the flight model – the box will not fit. But the organizer has made an agreement with a local company to collect and transport the boxes from the airport to the championship area and hotel. So this should not be an issue. After some e-mail contact, I got the info, that they give the service on weekdays only. For the trip to the WC that’s ok. But the departure (for us and many other participants as well) is Sunday … Nevertheless, for that we will find a solution!

Easier than I thought we got presented the ultimate solution! In May came from the company Hacker the unbeatable offer to order batteries for the World Championship to pick up directly in Johannesburg at an affordable price. Then everyone can decide to give the battery back or keep it. Super solution!


The main things are so organized: We know how we get there and where we stay, how we get from A to B, and the flight model is served too.

Now remains the planning of the “days before” since we already arrive in South Africa quite early.
But this will be a surprise for Alex and I will tell about that in a later post! 😉 Stay tuned!

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