We want to thank all of you who made a financial contribution with buying some lottery-tickets.
You have helped us a lot!
20 blog readers participated with a total of 105 tickets. That gave in total 3,900 NOK, or approximately € 500 – so that covered almost the entry fee at the World Championship.
You are great!

We are delayed a few days – we had not thought about that we still had a few days on tour – for the last competition of the season.
At Chivas Cup Alex got the second place, and the second place too at Norges Cup 2011. He is therewith also qualified for the national team for the European Championships next year in France.

But now to the lottery:
We have printed and folded all the tickets. Our “lottery wheel” was the new trophy from the Chivas Cup. 🙂

Alex has mixed well and then took a lot.
And the winner is:

Kenneth, please send us your address so we can send you the Staggerwing soon!

And again thank you all for your support!

Alex & Jeannette

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