Norwegian Championship – day 1

11.-14. of august there is the Norwegian Championship in F3A in Stavanger (Bore RC club).

13 participants in F3A, 10 in Nordic and 12 in Sport compete for the titel “Norwegian Champion”.

At the same is that a qualification competition and part of the Norwegian Cup (to find out the Norwegian team for the next years European Championship in France).

The weather was not the best since we came to Norway last weekend. The first night (friday to saturday) we spent in Halden. Then we went to the Lysefjord – and we wanted to have a tour to the Kjerag. But the weather was to bad. Only storm and rain. So we went to Stavanger were we stay at Bore Beachcamping this week. Rain and strong wind on monday, tuesday and wednesday too. We were afraid that the Norwegian Championship will not be possible as scheduled.

But in time – on thursday the sun came. Super weather as it was ordered.

Two rounds P11 on thursday – Alex is for the moment at place 2.
We will see how it will works on friday. There are two rounds more in P11.
And on saturday there will be finals for the 5 best pilots.

Cross fingers that Alex will be one of the best! 🙂

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