Day 28 – Preliminary round is over

Today was the last of the four days of the preliminary round. ‘
We wanted to give all, to perhaps get a place for the semi-finals.
The tension was high. Maybe too high.
I wanted to go with the model to the sound check, after connecting the battery – without that the cover was on!
That made a little bit chaos and the concentration was gone. Accordingly, Alex was not really satisfied with his flight.
And in the end it was actually so close.
31st place.
The top 30 go into semi-finals …
And I made the mess. That annoys me that much.
On the other hand, if we assume what was the goal – a place between 30 and 39, one can still be satisfied. Target reached. 
Even if you then annoyed that it should only had to be a little bit to reach more …
But Alex has left 51 pilots behind. Think positive!
Ola has come into the semi-finals. We shall cross fingers that he will come far.
On Sunday, it will proceed the semi-finals. Alex will then fly the warm up with the F-program.
Now we will meet with Ola, Henning and the New Zealanders for dinner. 
Alex will get a beer for solace…

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