Day 24 – Opening Ceremony

When loading the car met Alex Ola and Henning, who were already on their way to the flying site of the Wright Flyer. But we wanted to check out the AMA site (where the competition takes place). Because one site shall be available for training.

With us, the Austrians and the French were there. Later on, Venezuela and Colombia came too.

It was a pleasant exercise, good atmosphere and very warm again.

At 5 pm. opening ceremony took place site 3. Each country took his shield and flag. Then they were placed in range. It took a while until more than 80 participants and about again so many helpers, team managers and supporters were "sorted". Each of the 31 Countries came in individually with its national anthem. Well, they took the wrong one for Norway – but, no big issue – it was pathetic anyway. To see where all the pilots coming from – to have a competition together, it is very emotionally.

At the beginning they remebered of the terrible events in Norway and expressed condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

It was followed by speeches by the competition management, the organizer, the major of Muncie and the FAI.

Thus, the championship was opened.

Then we all got ice cold drinks and snacks – burgers for all … – we’re actually in America ;-).

In the evening Ola was at the team managers meeting and had received more detailed information about the competition including start lists.

All 82 participants are divided into four groups. Each group will fly once in the morning and afternoon on each of both tracks – and with that for each jugding panel.

Alex’s flights will be as follows:
Tuesday – 1:57 pm at site 1
Wednesday – 9:33 am at site 3
Thursday – 10:24 am at site 1
Friday – 4:30 pm at site 3

Then – we (and you!) will cross the fingers that everything will going well.

The competitors are strong. Not only the top pilots – also the midfield is very strong. During the training flights, we have seen many very, very good pilots.

Let’s see. It would be nice to get a place between 30 and 39. But all this depends on many factors – not least by the concentration in the exact right moment. Keep your fingers crossed!

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