Day 23 – official training on the Weddingday

Today – on our first wedding day – we do not have to get up so early… We met up with Ola and Henning around 9:30 h in to go together for breakfast.

We had official training on the schedule today. At 1:15 pm on site 3 – for 3 pilots we had a good half hour. Thus, each pilot had flight training for 10 minutes. Moreover, one could also have a loudness test – and stop the time like in the competition. Alex flew deliberately slow – to check the time available. And it was ok. Alex was pleased with his training flight here on the competition area.

We met at the place the Liechtenstein-team – with a warm "Hello". 🙂 In the afternoon we still went to the flying site of the Wright Flyer. However, such a strong storm moved on, that water could not run as fast as it came down.

We waited at the Wright Flyers – Ola and Henning in her car right next… The two then went to the museum to spent some time there. The sky became more friendly after a certain time – but it kept raining – sometimes more, sometimes less.

At 3.30 pm, we decided to go back. To swamp wading, we had no great desire. Also to charge batteries – even covered – would be a bit unsafe in this rain which was coming diagonally from time to time. Ola and Henning waited and could train sometimes later.

But tomorrow the weather would be better again, so training will be possible again under better conditions.

In the evening, Alex and I went for short trip to "Scotty’s Brewhouse." There we met the pilots of Israel, we drunk a beer together. However, we received only this one – already at 11 pm they closed today… No matter, so we tok one can Budweiser on our "cotton-wedding" in the hotel. 🙂

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