Day 22 – Registration, Model processing – and…

Registration and Model processing is scheduled for all participants on Sunday and Monday. But who wants could come already today for early registration and model processing to be able to correct something on the model until offical processing.

Since Alex’ modell at the Nordic Championship should has been quite heavy with 5.018 g (even if the Beryll never was heavier than 4.980 g), we were a little bit nervious. Here is quite high humidity which also could make a flightmodel some gramms heavier. And the maximum weight is 5.000 g pluss 50 g tolerance.

Here in Muncie they made a check of their measurement equipment with calibrated weights. Also all the other equipment for the lengths of the modell and the voltage of the batteries were checked.

And what a surprise – the weight of the modell was 4.974 g. (It is quite sure that the measurement in Finland was not correct.)

All other tests including failsafe-test were ok too.

And if we would wait a little bit more (until the schemes will come) – then we could make the processing official and don’t have to come again on Monday, but could then use the time for training. So we waited.

Alex has drawn starting number 46. And all the papers were ready quite quickly.

We gave also Ola and Henning the tip, they were already at the training field.

After that we went to the Wright Flyers Club for some practicing. Also the Austrian and the pilots from South Africa, Newzealand, Israel, China (did I forgot some?) were there.

Alex got a little shock as his radio wasn’t work – and he was afraid to not be able to attend the championship. But he arranged the failure again.

But the was unhuman. It was sooo warm, that in the meantime the cola-machine became empty . But the museums director came and filled up again.

In the evening we met the Austrian for dinner at Ruby Tueday. Also Ola and Henning came a little bit later.

It became late in the evening, sitting together in the hotel lobby. And at 0:00 h we drunk our first wedding day with some Champagne.

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