Day 21 – More training

We notice that more and more pilots are arriving – the hotel is becoming full. In the Signature Inn now the Italians have arrived. A big hello with Hannes Schenk and Sebastiano Silvestri.

Today we went quite early to the model airfield. We expected that more and more pilots want to train there. And from noon thunderstorm is announced.

When we arrived, the two Finns and the South Africans were already there. We flown after a list. It was easy and the atmosphere was great. Also Phillis and Willis (of the Wright Flyers) with her black poodle have come back again.

Later came also the pilots from Israel and one participant from New Zealand.

In the meanwhile, all are gone – in that heat it’s not easy. And the concentration is limited under these conditions.

Now it is late afternoon – but no sign of storm.

Alex would like to make a noise test and then we drive back toward Muncie too.

Today, also the other two pilots of the Norwegian team – Ola Fremming and Henning Jorkjend – will arrive. We hope that everything goes well on their journey. They’re flown to New York and from there had to travel 1000 km by car to Muncie.

The Austrians arrive today too. We look forward to see them again, especially with the Zeiner’s.

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