Day 20 – Training, Training, Training

Today will be the hottest day of the year. But tomorrow – it will get even hotter. Puuuuhhhhh! 104 degrees Fahrenheit = 40 degrees Celsius – and with this high humidity!

We drove today only in the afternoon for training. When we arrived, the two Finns were passing away.

A while later, the South Africans came to the place. What for a warm atmosphere! The team leader came directly to us and campaigned with the fact that the World Championship will be hold in South Africa in two years. 2 hours north of Johannesburg – all on one site, so you need not to travel around. And with many extras – Spa for Women, safaris and elephant rides …

One of the South Africans was burning his fingers, by lack of concentration he put together the wrong poles of the battery. The gold plug were away – and the fingers black. It is not easy to keep the concentration in this heat. More important to exclude such errors from the very start to just do not accidentally put together red and black …

Later in the afternoon, our new friends from the Wright Flyers came again and brought us freshly picked cucumbers. The museum director, brought us a huge pitcher of ice water. Wonderful!

In the evening we had dinner together with the Ulsamer’s. Once again a beautiful day!

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