Day 19 – Thunderstorm – but not here

Another day of training.

On the way to the training field we had discovered the German pilots who just arrived. They were still busy trying to set up their models, to charge the batteries – and then probably have trained at a different place.

We drove like the other days also to the birthplace of Wilbur Wright.

It was hot as usual. A couple of Wright Flyers were also there and watched.

The museum director gave us a huge jug of ice water. Wonderful! They are so friendly and warm again and again – great!

Afternoon came Lassi and Anthi from Finland.

In the late afternoon clouds gathered and a thunderstorm started in a little distance. So it was a good decision to pack all together. Because it came very dark clouds and a strong wind.

It has rained only in the distance. But since we also wanted to get even a few drops off, we are moved to the rain. And what a storm there raged just eight miles ahead… Several trees with thick trunks and branches were broken, and the corn fields lay flat.

But at the air field and in Muncie not a single drop …

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