Day 18 – Indianapolis

After 2 days of training in the inhuman heat we wanted to make a trip today. Shortly, we decided to drive to Indianapolis. There is a nice zoo. But we forgot, however, that a zoo is mostly outdoors – and is not really air-conditioned. On one of the warmest days we made ourselves so nice cuddly warm in the zoo … And since we had not enough of the heat, we let paint cartoons of us by an art student: an eternity in the heat, sitting still on plastic chairs. Well we could move, because we were supposed to "smile broadly". It was so funny.

The dolphin show (inside) and the souvenir shop at the exit brought a little cooling in between. All in all it was very nice in the zoo in Indianapolis.

Then we went to the motor raceway. The museum had just closed there, however. But I think we certainly have the opportunity again to drive on a different day out. It’s not that far.

Before we went back to Muncie, we still stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe. One hour parking? It’s more than enough.

No way. We were so excited and talked for quite a long time on choosing the right T-shirts that we overrun the parking time for about a quarter of an hour and actually had a ticket on the windshield. $ 20. Well, in Norway it would have been far more expensive. But still annoying, because one hour parking cost just $ 1.

Nevertheless – a wonderful day!

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