Day 16 – Practicing at Wright Flyers

After 2 days "lying around" we wanted to know where we can practice in advance of the WC. We had already received on Friday a list of potential airfields by the AMA. And Alex got also a provisional membership from the AMA.

The Henry County Wright Flyers (the closest and with the fligthwindow not just to the south) I contacted in advance, if and when it would be possible to train. "we are welcome any time", so we drove down on Sunday. A number of model pilots were on the site. They already expected and welcomed us very warmly and – Alex and I got a small homemade plane as a pin. So they asked us to also visit the Museum of Wilbur Wright (his birthplace is there) and about one of the first powered flight in 1903.

After a welcome round followed by a flight – it was becoming toooo hot. We fled to the Coke machine – and then into the (climatized) museum. I was most curious and checked the house at first – and immediately broke out the alarm that was not switched off – how embarrassing. But we were reassured – that occurs constantly.

Then we went through both the birthplace and the museum. There was soooo much to see. How lovely everything was assembled and prepared – that’s pretty amazing. We spent whole 3 hours there! You could almost put yourself in that time of over a hundred years ago when the Wright brothers realized their dream of flying. Very well done, really! We will also recommend any other World Cup participants to visit the museum there.

We’ve also trained afterwards for a while.

And at evening there were "real" food at "Scotty’s Brewhouse."

Also on Monday we want to going to train at the place of the Wright Flyers.

Will we do something else Tuesday. First complete the blog, and then – let’s see what we do then.

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