Day 15 – The shock

We first used two days to settle in. On the one side, the heat and the time difference – on the other the cultural shock. When we came on Friday morning for breakfast, we were shocked, what we got there. That we will not expect the same breakfast in America as in Germany or Norway – ok. But that was truly terrible! Only sweet things! Various cakes and sweet muffins and a big pot of porridge. A waffle iron with appropriate batter. After all, even bagels and toast. But nothing more than butter and jam, apple jelly and peanut butter. A creamy cheese with “no taste” was the only “unsweet”… And to top it all only styrofoam plates and cups and plastic knifes and forks! Apple juice in plastic cups almost looks little like urine sample… Unbelievable how much sweet stuff the Americans really eat so early in the morning – several muffins on the Styrofoam plate and topped with some thick and thread-pulling porridge … We were shocked! Something we have not yet experienced. Even in Poland, Ukraine and South Africa there was better breakfast. Back from the “American breakfast” I wanted to check if we only got a bad place …. But no – it actually seems to be common. Most do not even have breakfast at the hotel – but go out for having breakfast. We had decided to purchase at least some sliced cold meat and cheese for the bagels and toasts. But this shock and above all the heat and humidity are extremely high it took us two days to handle that a little. We needed this time just to acclimatise.

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