Day 13 – Flight to Chicago

The flight started relatively in time. Alex and I unfortunately had no seats next to each other, since at the time of booking everything was already quite full – and nothing was changing until the flight. Well. That was no big matter.

9 hours flight lay ahead of us. First, we left Stockholm, one-two hours later we flew over Trondheim, then round Iceland and over southern Greenland: beautiful fjords and glaciers – even inhabited places we’ve discovered.

After a long trip: Welcome to Chicago!

The tension was rising: How is the control? How is the box and model?

First, through the passport control. Of all the fingers digital prints were taken, then a picture – all synchronized with the electronic passport – the Esta-form (requirement for entry) was already there in electronic form. We could pass through.

The box was already waiting at the baggage claim. Except a few scratches nothing really damaged, and the content was still whole.

With the bagage and all the equipment, we went through customs. Questions regarding the box – of course. But ultimately we could also pass through there.

Out of the airport we got almost a shock! That it would be warmer, ok – but what’s that for a heat please??

With a shuttle bus we went to the car rental. We have already hired and paid for a full-size van. But they wanted us to believe, however, we had booked a mini-van and for a bigger one, we should still pay $ 300 extra. But we did not aggreed. I insisted that we have booked a FULL-SIZE (Dodge Caravan or similar) and should have at least 2 meters loading length. Ok – it was a try … But has not worked for us. 😉 So we got a Chrysler Town & Country – huge and with 4 liters motor, a real "monster". The seats were folded down quickly, stuffed all the luggage and we went – the direction of Muncie, Indiana!

On the trip we felt like in the movies: everything really American anyway – as you imagine it! The cars, the trains, the trucks, the Harleys, the traffic, the skyline, the Highways …

At evening (local time – we were already 24 hours on tour) we were came to the hotel – very exhausted. The very large rooms – even as all the equipment fits easily inside. 2 huge beds, and both tub and shower in the bathroom. Even though it’s not the newest hotel – but clean. Here we can easily spend 3 weeks. Also the staff is very friendly and courteous.

But a bar or a restaurant is not there. So we drove a short round in the city and discovered there "Scotty’s Brewhouse". All the beers we are probably not able to test during our 3 weeks. But enjoyed a Welcome-drink there.

Back at the hotel a quick shower and then: to bed. Alex has even charged his batteries. I did not realized when he was finished …

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