Day 11 – Stockholm – Sightseeing

Before we startet to the City, we checked the possibilities for parking during our trip to USA. The VW-bus has to stay here about 3 weeks. And we will avoid to do so in the hot sun and were looking for a affordable parking garage near the airport. Our T4 will stay these 3 weeks secure – for SEK 1.350.

Then we drove to a Park&Ride-Garage on the periphery of the city, parked there and tok the "T-Bane" to the center. Today we wanted to explore Stockholm by boat (a Hop-on-Hopp-off-sightseeing-boat). First we went by fot through the old town "Gamle Stan", then to the castle (they have some young girls as guards) and then from there with the boat. Our first station was the Vasa-museum. But the … was sooo long, that we didn’t wanted inn there longer even though we were very interested. So we went around there outside (logged a cache) and tok the next boat further. After 2 rounds we left the boat at the castle and walked to the city center. There we saw yesterday a Sushi-Restaurant which we wanted to try today. And we recommend also that one: Sushi House, Drottninggatan 8.

Tomorrow we will continue with the sightseeing – that time by bus. Stockholm is beautyful!

And maybe we will blogg some more photos tomorrow.

On Thursday it will become thrilling. Our flight to Chicago starts 10.15 am. from Stockholm. With 7 hours time difference we arrive at 12.20 pm. in Chicago (time here: 7.20 pm.) We hope that all will be ok with the Checkinn, the modelbox and the batteries. We are well prepared, but you never know…

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