Day 7 – Jämijärvi – The finals

At 9 am the final rounds startet. The best 6 pilots could compete: 2 from Sweden, 2 from Finland as well as Ola and Alex.

Alex was satisfied with his first final round. But the judges results were not really comprehensible. The frustation result in the performance of the second final round which infact was not really good. But in the last round he showed that he can better. But nevertheless: really close (with 0,67 per mill!!) he missed the 4. place.

Also the first 3 places were made up really close. Ola won the 2. place after Lassi Nurila.

The results are available here:

At the evening there was the Pilots meeting – with decisions about the future of the Scandinavian Championships – mainly judging-issues (number and rules).

After that we had the Award ceremony and the banquet. The meal was really delicious – at it already was on the lunch-time during the week. For (flying) variety some pilots made show-flying. Also Alex’ Snoopy was a must. What a fun!

The party took a long time and lasts until the morning. We laughed a lot with the Swedish and our Norwegian collegues and some judges.

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