Day 4 – Jämijärvi – The Nordic Championship starts, Model processing, Preliminary Round 1

The official training had to be interrupted until the deep clouds were gone.

First of all the modell processing tok place – all modells had to be measured and weighed. Thats to verifying that the models are in accordance with the FAI-rules.

The starting numbers were distributed – and so we had to wait…

Some tok their smaller modells for amusement.

From the early afternoon the official training could start. Each team had 1 hour for disposal. For 9 pilots from Norway (F3A and Nordic) that was more than "just al little".

Alex was the last in that round. And in the middle of his training-flight came from the background: "Time out! You have to land!" – because of the pilots briefing. We completed the trainingflight. But the disturbance was not nice but really unfair! It was not possible to wait 3 minutes?! Frustation…

From 5 pm the first preliminary flights were started. Alex was starting number 4.

He came on place 2 after the first round and we was very satisfied.

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