At the Løten-Cup

2 weeks after the Vingtor-Cup we went already again many hundred kilometers to the south.

But this time Alex had to drive alone since my son had the last day at school (he finished the 10. Class) with a celebration. So I had to be there. After that I took the night-train – changed the train in Trondheim the next morning and was in Hamar round about 3 pm.

At that time Alex already had finished two rounds – but with some less points. 😦

The 3rd and the 4th round I could read the schedule again – and so he got 1.000er. So easy is that… 🙂

At the end he reached a good 2nd place with 992,2 prom. (Ola on the 1st place with 1.000). It’s enjoying to see the guys how the compete and it’s a real good feeling on the airfield.

Furthermore we took some pictures from the lake “Mjøsa” which was a “little bit” bigger than else (as if it isn’t big enough already… :-)).

On Saturday evening all pilots went out for dinner in common – and afterwards a little bit “party”… Nice evening!

On Sunday afternoon we started our way home – over 1.100 km – and was at home sometime in the morning on Monday.

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