Booking av flights and rental car

Our flights are booked.

SAS has for flights within Norway and Europe special sportsprices – but not to USA. So unfortunately we had to take regular tickets.
We booked via a sporting department in SAS which also took care that our flightmodel-box will come with us.

To avoid to change the flight and to reduce driving we decided to take a flight with SAS from Stockholm to Chicago and back.

Since we come from Finland (after the Nordic Championship 06.-10.07.2011), and have to travel to Stavanger after we are back from the WC will Stockholm be “on the way”.

Our flight goes 14th of july from Stockholm to Chicago – and we will go back 4th of august.

Including transport of the box with the model the flight costs round about 2.400 Euro.

From Chicago to Muncie we have to drive about 400 km.

We also booked a rental car already.

Not so easy to find a car which is “big enough” with a 2 m length on the loading area. If you book a rental car you always book a “category”. And furthermore it’s not so easy to find out loading length’s of cars – you only find loading volume.

But we have decided to take a bigger category – Dodge Grand Caravan or similar. Such a car should have at least 2 meter loading length.

We also checked out some possibilities to rent a delivery van – also at “rent-a-wreck” we didn’t found anything suitable. “Rent-a-wreck” didn’t had better conditions than normal car rentals there at all – and we had to go to the city too to pick up one. So that would not be an alternative for us.

Now we booked at – a portal which searches the best offers from different suppliers.

So we found a bigger car which costs „only“ ca. 1.100 Euro for 3 weeks inkl. several drivers and e tank fuel.

This is actually a good price.

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