At the Vingtor-Cup

At the Ascansion weekend we went to Vestby in Southern Norway for the Vingtor-Cup.

Since the thursday was a Holiday and the friday a day off we used the opportunity to have a long weekend and started already on thursday morning.
After 1.200 km we reached Vestby Campingpark where we booked an apartment.
On friday we got the possibility for practicing.

The competition started on saturday morning. We had 4 rounds in F3A. 2 round could Ola Fremming win with 1000’s, and 2 rounds were mine.
At the end the results were very close.
The second place tok Ola (with 998,2 prom.) and I won for the first time a 1. place in a norwegian competition.

So it seems that I’m well prepared for this season.

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